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Forum Thread: Aadithyan This 9 Year Old Hacker Is Changing the World,

Meet Aadithyan Rajesh; This 9 Year Old Hacker Is Changing The World, One App At A Time Aadithyan Rajesh speaker keynote hacker 9- 8 years old At 4'5" and 54 pounds, 9-year-old Aadithyan doesn't look like your stereotypical hacker. gymnastics and swim lessons and loves spending time with his friends. But at night he transforms into a cybersecurity researcher aka "hacker" with the ability to hack into smartphones and systems of unsuspecting victims. Just last month, Aadi demonstrated his expert...

Forum Thread: FREE Shows!

Monday night's are great way to see a show for free and support a local band.  A few venues offer free Monday music nights: The Silver Lake Lounge, The Echo, or the Spaceland.  There are also free shows announced from time to time, stay tuned for more dates!

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