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Forum Thread: Parmigiano Reggiano

The common skin is brushed and oiled consistently, and the cheddar is turned regularly. The skin is straw-shaded to dull yellow, with the Parmigiano Reggiano name stenciled on it, alongside the logo of the consortium, the year and month of creation and the maker's ID number. This is one authority looking cheddar! The inside glue will be light ivory to yellow and in some cases you can see little gems on cheddar which has been matured in the best possible manner. It ought to have a granular, br...

Forum Thread: FREE Shows!

Monday night's are great way to see a show for free and support a local band.  A few venues offer free Monday music nights: The Silver Lake Lounge, The Echo, or the Spaceland.  There are also free shows announced from time to time, stay tuned for more dates!

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