CONFLICT 10/23: Interpol @The Greek or AIR @The Shrine???

Interpol @The Greek or AIR @The Shrine???

CONFLICT 10/23: Interpol @The Greek or AIR @The Shrine???

There's also Shakira at the Staples Center going which is worth mentioning.  The big toughie for me is Interpol or Air though.  I was lucky enough to snag a pair of GA tickets to Air, which is a small standing pit in front of the orchestra.  I bought them during the presale, in the middle of a dentist appointment, with no wi-fi.  Yep, I convinced the staff to steal an ethernet cable for me and stall until I got my tickets.  Get your tickets from Ticketmaster here.  A couple other pluses for Air is that the Shrine is across the street from my apartment and Air is so great live.  I caught their show at the Disney Concert Hall in March and it was one of the best shows I've been to all year. 

On the other hand, Interpol hasn't toured since 2007 and I haven't seen them live before.  Tickets for Interpol have yet to be released.  If I manage to get pit tickets at the Greek I don't know what I'll end up doing.  Where will you be on October 23rd? 

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air shrine no questions.
saw air w/ beck at bowl with la phil.... twas unbelievable

hello wats up new to this . my name is ashl3ey

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